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Kåda are market leaders in both pure Nanotechnology and Nano-Bionic surface protection. These technologies are considered a key technology of the 21st Century and they open up the greatest potential for innovation across all sectors of the economy to leave a lasting change.



Nano Stoneguard ProtX E, E4, E40, 300

Nano Stoneguard ProtX E, Stoneguard ProtX E4, Stoneguard ProtX E40 and Stoneguard ProtX 300 are new developments providing a special nanobionic high-capacity coating for all types of concrete and natural stones. They are both water and ethanol based based to cater for the different substrates and different dry times. The product's molecules conjoins directly to the material surface at a molecular level considerably improving it's soil-resisting effect. The special protective function of the product is based on a considerably higher quantity of nano particles. Time and effort in cleaning will be minimised. Product is free from acrylic, silicone, fluorcabon, siloxane, oils and wax.

  • Weather and water resistant
  • Oleophobic (oil resistant)
  • Moss and algae repellant
  • Easy to clean
  • Protection against environmental influences
  • Anti-darkening properties
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Anti-soiling effect
  • UV stable
  • Improved appearance
  • Permeable and breathable allowing the building to breathe
  • Long-term stability
  • Ease of application
  • Prevents darkening
  • Old or new substrates
  • Up to 20 year protection

Scope of Application:

stairs, restaurant areas, sand stone, attic walls, important monuments, industrial halls, buying centres, blocks of offices, bridges, stadiums, facades of buildings, houses, mineral surfaces, buildings with mineral facades. Etc Very high consistency, strength and stability


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